Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lessons Learned at the L.A. Gun Club

1) The first 10 minutes in the booth are the most difficult, because it takes some time to avoid flinching at every "boom." However, after habituating to the sound, it's not too tough getting used to the basic mechanics of loading (I need to use a speedloader), pressing down the slide lock, holding the gun properly, pulling the trigger, and finally releasing the magazine. It's more like learning to play guitar, rather than violin, in that it's easy to pick up and do a decent job, yet difficult to master. I just hope that inserting a central venous catheter will also prove to be as unexpectedly straight-forward.

2) I was predicting that the place would be filled with burly men sporting mullets and neon green sleeveless shirts. However, it was a diverse group, with roughly equal numbers of men and women, and a few hipster boys with Buddy Holly glasses, argyle socks, and Keds. Perhaps NRA involvement is the up-and-coming strategy for bohemian non-conformity.

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