Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm Rich?

Above, is an (admittedly poor quality) picture I took of a heaping pile of many billions of Zimbabwean dollars. Rejoice Ngwenya, a very brave writer and activist from Zimbabwe, had set up the table to impress upon the attendees of Cato University the extent of his country's stratospheric inflation. Such a pile doesn't even buy a loaf of bread, and the people of Zimbabwe either try to flee to Botswana or South Africa, identify something to exchange for food in the black market, or simply starve.

Well today, Mugabe the Terrible finally signed an accord with the opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, allowing them to control roughly equal parts of the government. Perhaps soon the $750,000 bank note that I swiped (today's value: 0.000000939496 USD) from the pile will be worth more of what it advertises! All joking aside, as much as Tsvangirai obviously defeated Mugabe in the election, this power-share concession is a promising opportunity to reduce the tyrranical oppression, let alone disease and starvation afflicting the Zimbabwean people.

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