Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday People Watching

In the Corner Bakery, a middle-aged couple were happily munching on their salads and sandwiches, when a sign by the door, similar to the one below, caught their eyes:

The wife called the nearby busboy over to ask for an explanation of the sign. The busboy couldn't speak English, let alone identify the significance of a "Doesn't actually refer to a specific food item, yet is posted just to save our butts from lawsuits" sign. The busboy called over the very young manager, who gave a stammering, incoherent explanation.

After the manager left, the couple sat silently for about one minute. Eventually, the husband looked around at the crowds enjoying their meals, shrugged his shoulders, picked up his sandwich, and took another bite.


l33t MD said...

Living in a country uninfested with the US litigious tradition, stories like these will never cease to amaze me...

Heal Spieler said...

I know. When you are being warned about everything, the impact diminishes, and you don't know what you should really worry about.