Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sam Gosling Disapproves of "Conservative Rooms" (Or, Why I Should Stop Selling My Trendy Books on Ebay")

Perhaps it's true, that "Liberals...appear to be more open, tolerant, creative, curious, expressive, enthusiastic, and drawn to novelty and diversity, in comparison with conservatives, who appeared to be more conventional, orderly, organized, neat, clean, withdrawn, reserved, rigid, and relatively intolerant."

However, if you're drawing these conclusions based on a study featuring such outrageously sloppy methodology, and whose "findings" lead to such presumptuous "conclusions," the only message I get is:

"Many liberals have an uncanny ability to exploit the term "science," in order to advance their own absurd biases about people with whom they disagree."

Well I'm glad they were able to demonstrate, by searching through people's rooms (no possible biases introduced here!), to world how intolerant those unenthusiastic, incurious, "non-open," (among other "scientific" designations) these conservatives all are.

Pseudo-science is more pernicious than no science at all. Just sayin'.

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Joshua said...

One can also easily spin this differently even if one accepted the findings. Conservatives are organized and thoughtful. Liberals are disorganized and sloppy. What fun this is.

I'm also curious how Gosling explains peoples who political views change over time.